Argington – Ayres Twin Bed

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Product: Argington – Ayres Twin Bed
Retailer: 2Modern
brand: Argington
Designer: Argington

Argington – Ayres Twin Bed

Argington – Ayres Twin Bed. The redesign of the Ayres twin bed allows for a much smaller footprint. They have replaced the ledge with a much narrower one, allowing the bed to fit closer to walls. The price will remain the same and is still available in birch, white and ebony. The trundle drawer and guard rails are still available. Please be advised that the new model is compatible with all older components.

Great for the young minimalist in your life, the Ayres twin bed gives any room a great modern look. Mattress supports are ventilated for foam mattresses and accepts all standard twin size mattresses (75″X 39″). Recommended mattress thickness is 7” to 12”. Assembly is required.

The trees from which the wood is cut are grown in different soils, with different light, under different conditions. Please note for the clear birch finish, the birch wood may vary in color and texture from one part to the next, due to the natural differences found in the wood.

Please note, as with many furniture items, the bottom side of this bed is not finished.

Who: Designed and Manufactured by Argington.
Material: Made from a mixture of solid birch and birch plywood.