1963 Rand McNally Globe

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Product: 1963 Rand McNally Globe
Retailer: GiantFlea

1963 Rand McNally Globe

A beautiful black globe manufactured by Rand McNally.It dates to the year 1963 – after the Federation of Rhodesia dissolved but before Malaya became Malaysia.

Obviously it features the USSR instead of Russia.

The globe has a 38″ radius and stands 17″ tall. It's mounted on a silver color metal stand. It's in good vintage condition. There is a small indent over north Korea that is not very noticeable and the paper is not broken open. See photo to help understand the condition.

This map has beautiful linear flight paths on it and the countries are in subtle, muted colors. Compare the close up photo to other maps to fully understand how lovely the design is.

DHurry! Don't let this one pass you by, it's a beauty and you'll regret it!