100% American Cashmere Double Stripe Large Throw

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Product: 100% American Cashmere Double Stripe Large Throw
Retailer: J.M.Generals

American Cashmere Large Throw (approx. 76″ long x 42″ wide)

The J. M. GENERALS Large Throw is soft, light, and luxuriously warm, made from prime hand-combed Cashmere fiber from American goats. Fiber is machine needle-felted by expert craftspeople in the U.S.A. Each throw is guided by hand through the felting process, so distinctive variations are part of its specific character. Stripe widths and placement may vary. Comes in natural white with indigo-dyed stripes (as pictured) and natural brown with natural white stripes.

  • Other color options available by request. 
  • Large Throws are great as personal blankets and daybed blankets.
  • Cashmere Throws are made-to-order, and production begins when you place your order. Please allow between 1 and 3 weeks for completion of your order.
  • Made in U. S. A. 
  • Natural Indigo Dye
  • Approximate Weight: 1.2 lb