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Trending on Gardenista: Garden Ideas for the City Mouse

May 30, 2014 1:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

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Looking for a patch of green to call your own? This week the Gardenista team  has been visiting inspired balconies and terraces—and fire escapes, too.

Above: This week’s Garden Visit is one of our all-time favorites: 66 Square Feet blogger Marie Viljoen chronicles her not entirely smooth move from Brooklyn to Harlem. This month, she’s finally getting things growing—have a look.

Above: A Hip Hive for Urban Bees? Allow Justine to fill you in.

Above: Designer Damien Chivialle is on a mission to grow gardens in places where there’s nothing but concrete. His Urban Farm Units, Gardenista’s Outbuilding of the Week, make inventive use of shipping containers. And how you seen our post on 10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers?

Above: The easiest houseplant has new competition: dried reindeer moss “islands” from Finland, no watering required. (And here are some other low-maintenance options.)

 Above: A garden on a boat in a moat? Read Kendra’s report about the Chelsea Flower Show alternative: Peep Shows, Gin Lovers, and Wildings at the Chelsea Fringe. You’ll find us in the gin garden.

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