Trending on Gardenista: The Greenery Moves In by

Issue 35 · The Organized Life · September 5, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: The Greenery Moves In

Issue 35 · The Organized Life · September 5, 2014

The Gardenista team is starting to spend some time indoors again—and they've been bringing the perfect plants and garden accessories with them. The group goal: "an organized life that leaves plenty of time to lounge." 

Shain Mote Studio | Gardenista

Above: An office that feels like an indoor garden, anyone? Fashion designer Shaina Mote's sunny LA atelier is this week's Steal This Look—fiddle leaf fig tree included. 

DIY hand sanitizer by Christine Chitnis | Gardenista

Above: "I'm not a fan of drugstore varieties of slimy hand sanitizers with their awful smells and long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients," writes Christine Chitnis. In DIY: Back-to-School Hand Sanitizer, learn how to make the fragrant, germ-busting cream she came up with as an alternative. Christine reports that it also works as "a great balm to use on your chest when a cold is coming on."
Weston Surman Deane writer's shed | Gardenista

Above: In Hardscaping 101, Janet explores all sorts of garden sheds, including this backyard writer's studio with a woodstove.

Salvia | Gardenista

Above: Quick, name this herb. Did you know there's an app for that? In fact, there are a lot of them, but few deliver what they promise. In this week's Tech Roundup, Michelle presents the best apps for identifying plants, and for designing next year's garden too.

Pileas by Mieke Verbijlen | Gardenista

Above: Bypass generic houseplants with "broad, waxy leaves in bad shades of green," advises Justine. In 5 Favorites, she shows us the ideal Mini Potted Plants for Small-Space Living. Photograph of a Pilea Peperomiodies by Mieke Vrebijlen.

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