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Handmade Wallpaper in Painterly Prints from Rebecca Atwood in Brooklyn

November 27, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Some of my favorite images of an artist’s home and studio are of Henri Matisse’s studio apartment at the Hotel Regina in Nice during the early 1950s. The walls of every room are covered in hand-painted forms, repetitive organic prints, and rows of color swatches: Wall as canvas.

I recently came across Brooklyn textile designer Rebecca Atwood’s new line of wallpaper and was reminded of Matisse’s artist’s flat. Her approach to wall decor is similar: prints that have the look of studio markings, painting, sketches, and experimentation. Here is a look at Atwood’s painterly palettes–three prints in two to three colors each.

Above: Similar to her fabric line, Atwood’s wallpaper prints are all drawn from Cape Cod landscapes and ocean patterns. Yardage of all of Rebecca’s wallpapers can be ordered through her studio ( A swatch can be purchased for $5 online.

Above: The Petals Wallpaper in Taupe Blue; also available in Peach

Above: The dashes design came about from a mark-making experiment in Rebecca’s sketchbook. Available in CoralGray, and Navy.

Above: To view the different options in person, a complete Wallpaper Swatch Set is $39.

Above: A design that came about from marbling paper with India ink in the Japanese suminagashi marbling technique. The wallpaper is available in Cloud, Clay-Blue, and Ocean.

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