ISSUE 46  |  The Well-Stocked Home

5 Quick Fixes: Instant Light Fixtures

November 18, 2011 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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We're liking the new ad-hoc lighting solutions we've been spotting lately: clever, simple low-cost fixtures made from simple parts sourced from Ikea and the hardware store.

Above: A cluster of bare lampshade frames via the Marion House Book.

Above: A single bulb fixture with red cord via Baixa in Portugal.

Above: An Ikea bracket paired with a NUD Classic Pendant ($49.37 at Lumens); photo via Huamao.

Above: A tree branch propped in a corner becomes a lamp base, via Daniella Witt.

Above: Martin Margiela's all-white suite at Les Sources de Caudalie features simple reading lights made from white painted brackets.