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Yama Vacuum Brewer

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The Yama Vacuum Brewer is a stovetop model from Japan that resembles the long-gone Silex and Cory glass models made in the U.S. for over 50 years. It is a utilitarian vacuum-syphon brewer that can stand up to daily use. It is available in 5 cup and 8 cup sizes.

Like other vacuum brewers, the coffee brewed in this maker has great body, without the sediment you get in a French press. The 5 cup model is makes is 20 oz. The 8 cup makes 32 oz. he 5 cup model is fine for 2 people, 3 in a pinch, 4 if you are using “polite cups” and 5 in times of great duress. The 8 cup model has a more aesthetic, rounded glass parts.

It has a cloth filter that fits over the metal filter assembly – you can also use a Cona filter drainer rod with the Yama – though be careful with the grind when you do this. The lid doubles as a stand for the funnel (top glass part), and it comes with a spare cloth filter and a burner wire grid for use on an electric stove. Keep in mind that adding too much water adds to the risk of an overflow. We have also been told that brewing at a higher altitude can add to the risk of an overflow as well

Like many things Japanese (and American) it is made in China. I like the rubber gasket between the top and the bottom; the flange on it makes the creation of an airtight seal (and the separation of top and bottom when the coffee is brewed) much easier. The box it comes in is a little amusing, a little cheesy …but you are not buying a box, you are buying a very effective vacuum brewer.

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$50.00 USD at time of publication Buy from Sweet Maria's Coffee
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