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Wool Dryer Balls – Set of Six

Retailer: Simply Good Stuff
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Natural felted wool allows you to soften clothes in one of the most natural ways possible. This set includes six handmade balls that will take the place of liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Avoid harmful chemicals and toxic substances, but get the same results. When you place these wool dryer balls in with a load of laundry, they will tumble around to soften fabrics, reduce wrinkles, eliminate static and shorten drying times. With the addition of some essential oil, you can even add fragrance without relying on irritating perfumes. Use three or four when drying a small load, or use all six for medium and large loads. For anything bigger, using more than six will produce the best results. They are totally reusable, and they actually increase in ability over time. As pilling starts to occur, the little nubs will help massage clothing to remove loose lint, and make it softer. Due to the separation that occurs as they mix with your clothes, air will flow more efficiently, so everything will dry in less time. Stop wasting money on risky products, and switch to an alternative that performs as well, but leaves you with nothing to worry about.

  • Top Quality. Similar products are smaller, machine made, or constructed with inferior wool. These premium quality balls outperform others, and last for a long time.
  • Reusable. Unlike traditional products, these don’t need to be repurchased or refilled to continue working. Use over and over again for one price.
  • Renewable. Plastic versions are made from petroleum, but these are made from natural wool. This makes them eco-friendly.
  • Effective. Incredibly efficient, they work as well, or better than chemical soaked alternatives.
  • Reduce Drying Times. Air inside your machine will flow better due to the separation of fabrics that occurs. As a result, it will take 20%-40% less time to complete the load.
  • Soften Fabrics. As they move, the material massages clothing to reduce stiffness.
  • Eliminate Static. The improved air flow combines with the wool material to avoid and reduce static build up.
  • Prevent Wrinkles. The gentle agitation smooths out wrinkles to make clothes wearable right out of the dryer.
  • Save Energy. Because you will leave it on for less time, you will use less electricity. This is good for the environment, but it also saves you money.
  • Silent. Plastic ones can make noise for a while, or a dull thud for the whole load. These ones are incredibly quiet from start to finish.
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$27.95 USD at time of publication Buy from Simply Good Stuff
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