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LEDs have a very long lifespan. That should also be the case with the actual fixture, in which they are installed. This elementary lamp is meant to be as simple and solid as a nail or a push pin. As with traditional tool machine lighting, the mechanics are sturdy and long-lasting. The lamp combines solidity and lightness: a thin beam joins the two opposite pieces of the lamp, a heavy foot and a delicate shade.

A w103 sempé pendant lamp can be a single hanging shade or a combination of shades. Two elements of the w103 table lamp are reused in the suspended lamps; the shade that is identical, and the cleat that is placed on the top of the shade to become a connection point for various shade constellations. It can be used to attach multiple shades to a long rail for linear constellation, or to smaller rails that can be joined together like Meccano to create polygons. The rail structure is solid, yet visually light and the lines are softened by the round shapes of the shades

The pendant lamp shades exists in different colour tones – bright, soft, clear, dark – and can be arranged in any colour combination, using the seven standard colours.

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