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The Go game is an ancient Chinese board game often compared to chess, an abstract board game involving strategic opening sequences with Go stones on a wooden Go board. The Go game is gaining in popularity worldwide and is offered in several variations of board sizes depending on the skill level of the player. When you are new to the game it is better to start with a smaller board which will help to understand the game quicker, the full size board (19″x19″) is better suited for the intermediate or advanced players.

Two players, battle to maximize the territory they control, seeking to surround large areas of the board with their stones, to capture any opposing stones that invade these areas, and to protect their own stones from capture. The strategy involved can become very subtle and sophisticated!

The board game Go stresses the importance of balance on several levels, and has profound internal tensions. To command an area of the board, it is wise to make moves close together; but to cover a vast area a player needs to spread out, which may leave weaknesses that can be exploited. Playing too low (close to the edge) commands insufficient territory and influence; however playing too high (far from the edge) permits the opponent to invade.

It has been stated that the game Go is the most complex game in the world because of its large number of variations in individual games.

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