Clothesline Pulley SetUp Clothesline Pulley Set Up
Brand: Solar Drying Systems

Clothesline Pulley Set-Up

Retailer: KIOSK
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Description from KIOSK

Wheel:6″ dia. Wire: 1/8″ dia.
Hooks: Steel Joiners: plastic
Wire: steel w/ emerald rubber coating

As man has progressed so have the habits of clothes drying. Clothes on a rock moved to in a tree, moved to clothes on a line between two trees, to a clothesline, to a “clothestree” and a tumble clothes dryer and then a drying room ( which you may or may not be familiar with) and now back hopefully to a clothesline. If you care about your clothes a tumble dryer is not the way to go. Also ditto if you care about your free time and don't prefer to spend it at the laundromat watching the clothes tumble. Lastly, if you care about this great earth we live on and saving energy, you should have a clothesline. It pays for itself quickly (if each drying session costs $2 then you are talking 12 wash days or 3 months) and your clothes survive longer by avoiding the harsh tumble. In most places the fresh smell is a benefit as is the lack of pressing needed post drying. The set we sell comes with 2 pulleys and 100 feet of line which equals 50 feet when installed, if you want more line let us know and we will sort it out for you! The line is a nice emerald green color, we made sure of that. Oh, one last thing, you might wonder why we are including something made in Canada when this is the America 4 collection. The truth is we saw so many of these in Vermont and elsewhere this past summer and every one of them, old and new, was made by the same Canadian maker. Love your neighbor, honor thy clothes.

$56.00 USD at time of publication Buy from KIOSK
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