aga city 24 series atc2dfaqu 24 inch freestanding dual fuel range 9
Brand: Aga

AGA City 24 Series ATC2DFAQU 24 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

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AGA City 24 Series ATC2DFAQU 24 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with Slow Cook Oven

Classic City 24 Series 24 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with Natural Gas, 4 Sealed Burners, Double Ovens, 3 cu. ft. Total Oven Capacity, Continuous Grates, Simmering Oven, Gas Burners, 4 Sealed Burners, Sealed Burners in Aqua

  • A Smart Solution for Compact Living Place two AGA City 24 ranges side-by-side and double the fun! The AGA City 24 was built with energy efficiency and space-saving solutions in mind.
  • AGA City 24 The AGA City24 is easy to use and has been designed with convenience in mind with one knob to control the hotplate and the other to control the ovens. The ovens are controlled independently of each other and of the hotplate.
  • Boiling/Simmering Hotplate Around the outside of the actual hotplate is an additional cooking space. While using your hotplate to boil foods this additional cooking space serves as a location to simmer foods or simply keep them warm.
  • Roasting/Baking Oven and Slow-Cook Oven Use the control knob to turn the top oven on/off and set to either baking or roasting. The same knob will also control the bottom slow cook oven which provides a consistent temperature.
  • Electric Power In place of a single heat source, each cooking zone has its own electrically heated cast iron element. The separation of cooking zones gives you the ability to control the area you choose to heat.

Other Specifications:

  • The push-to-turn control knobs have both a high and low setting.
  • The enameled cast iron grates aide in proper heat distribution while the vitreous enamel surface is easy to clean.
  • Two Large Capacity Multi-Function Cast Iron Ovens – the top oven is both a Roasting oven (approx. 425°F – 475°F)
  • and Baking oven (approx. 325°F – 375°F) while the bottom oven is a Slow Cook oven (approx. 212°F – 245°F)
  • Four burner gas cooktop – Wok Burner (12,000 BTU), a Rapid Burner (10,600 BTU) and two Semi-Rapid Burners at 6,150 BTU each.
  • The two semi-rapids burners are especially suited for use with small pans, gentle simmering or poaching.
  • Ovens take under an hour to reach full temperature.

Discontinued, No longer available.

$8,999.00 USD at time of publication Buy from Appliances Connection
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