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Issue 99 · Crowd Control · November 21, 2013

Trending on Gardenista: Top 5 Posts This Week

Issue 99 · Crowd Control · November 21, 2013

This week, the Gardenista crew tackled practical matters—gutter cleaning, garden plotting, spring bulb orders, and impatiens alternatives—while also fitting in some world-class field trips. And Erin showed us the new way to drink Champagne on a fire escape.

Variegated Plants Gardenista

Above: Lindsey takes a trip to Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden, CT, which has a cult following in the garden community for its interesting variegated plants (photo by Maria Robledo).

Gardening 101 Drawing a Plan Gardenista

Above: In her latest Gardening 101 installment, Michelle tells us how to draw a garden plan.

Begonia Rise Liao Gardenista

Above: Jeanne comes up with some impatiens alternatives for shade gardeners fighting the blight.

Kontextur Copper Watering Can Gardenista

Above: For early bird holiday shoppers, Janet put together a Gift Guide for the Houseplant Enthusiast.

Sky Deck Torafu Gardenista

Above: Erin discovered Sky-Deck, a tiny portable table for urban dwellers with a fire escape; she also tracks down five good gutter guards for optimal drainage.

Brooklyn Plant Studio Gardenista

Above: Finally, Jeanne drops in on Tara Douglass, a New York-based horticulturist and floral designer who is planning to grow her own wedding flowers—all 4,325 of them (read how she's doing it).


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