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Gone Camping: Our Favorite Outdoor Essentials, Design Edition


Gone Camping: Our Favorite Outdoor Essentials, Design Edition

May 4, 2023

Admittedly, the Remodelista team is not the most eager bunch when it comes to camping. Nevertheless, we’ve each been lured into outdoor adventure with some hard-wearing, attractive accoutrements. Here are our favorites for a weekend in a tent—or an afternoon hike or picnic.

the petite prakti portable stove is good for &#8\2\20;car campers, festival 17
Above: The petite Prakti Portable Stove is good for “car campers, festival-goers, street food chefs (can be used all day), backyard barbecues, picnics, sunny days, and more,” according to Prakti, a nonprofit social enterprise. It was developed in India and can be used with any kind of standard charcoal, and proceeds go towards Prakti’s mission: to “save lives, empower women, alleviate poverty, and preserve the environment by developing and scaling the adoption of clean, efficient cookstoves that cooks want.” You can source the stove for £130 via Labour and Wait, or sign up for the waitlist directly via Prakti.
the recycled wool picnic blanket (shown here in teal patchwork check) is design 18
Above: The Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket (shown here in Teal Patchwork Check) is designed in Edinburgh and “woven from 70% recycled wool and 30% mixed recycled fibers. On average, each blanket saves six garments from landfill, turning preloved into re-loved,” with a water-resistant backing. It’s $132 from TBCo.
good for camping or just for a party: the shimo tank from snow peak is a sturdy 19
Above: Good for camping or just for a party: the Shimo Tank from Snow Peak is a sturdy, vacuum-insulated stainless steel drink dispenser; it’s $324.95. Adds Francesca: “For a gift or superslurge, Snow Peak’s titanium bottles are amazing. Incredibly light and retain heat/cold. I’m not much of a camper, but I do love a picnic.”
the natural herbal bug repellent by los poblanos, the organic farm and inn in n 20
Above: The natural Herbal Bug Repellent by Los Poblanos, the organic farm and inn in New Mexico, “combines the LP farm’s organic lavender hydrosol with a powerful blend of essential oils-including citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood and lemongrass”. It’s $18 from Heath Ceramics (or $16 directly from Los Poblanos Farm Shop).
snow peak is our go to for good looking camp supplies, and their take! renewed  21
Above: Snow Peak is our go-to for good-looking camp supplies, and their Take! Renewed Bamboo Chair would look equally chic at a campsite or, really, just in the living room. It’s $189.95. (Another recent recc comes from our friend Heidi Swanson: “The Yoho Bamboo Butterfly Chair by Kuma is the coziest chair. It’s heavy though. So we only have one.”)
margot loves utilitario mexicano&#8\2\17;s made in mexico enamelwares for t 22
Above: Margot loves Utilitario Mexicano’s made-in-Mexico enamelwares for the requisite fireside coffee. The Cup M8 in Mustard Yellow is $11.30.
fan reports she&#8\2\17;ll bring the foldable bed table from puebco next ti 23
Above: Fan reports she’ll bring the Foldable Bed Table from Puebco next time she goes camping; it’s $190.
i&#8\2\17;d like to get the vintage flashlight; \$69.99 from barebones. it& 24
Above: I’d like to get the Vintage Flashlight; $69.99 from Barebones. It’s old-school in appearance but thoroughly modern in its LED, fully rechargeable technology.
&#8\2\20;from father rabbit in new zealand: a better looking beer cooler,&a 25
Above: “From Father Rabbit in New Zealand: a better-looking beer cooler,” Margot reports. The Huski Beer Cooler is triple insulated and available in stainless steel or white; $39.99 NZ ($25.07 USD).

Above: My camping requirement? Coffee. For a splurge, the Fleek Coffee Kit by Poketle comes with “a stove and a drip pan for boiling water,” all in stainless steel and in an easy-carry toolbox. It’s €232 from Merci.

the solar outdoor lamp by tools design is fully portable; &#8\2\20;after ba 28
Above: The Solar Outdoor Lamp by Tools Design is fully portable; “after basking for eight hours in the sun, the Solar lantern provides ambient lighting for up to 20 hours.” (It can also be charged via USB cable.) It’s $112 from Finnish Design Shop.
absorbent cotton mats—woven from repurposed t shirt scraps—come i 29
Above: Absorbent Cotton Mats—woven from repurposed t-shirt scraps—come in handy all over the campsite. These are $29.50 each from Utiltario Mexicano.
a simpler coffee setup (i&#8\2\17;d pair it with a tin coffee pot that was  30
Above: A simpler coffee setup (I’d pair it with a tin coffee pot that was my great aunt’s): The Stainless Steel Foldable Coffee Dripper is currently on sale for $5.59 from Temu.
for keeping pests away from outdoor feasts: the small handwoven food tent by ne 31
Above: For keeping pests away from outdoor feasts: the Small Handwoven Food Tent by Neepa Hut is $75 for a set of four from Food52.
&#8\2\20;i actually camp a lot!&#8\2\2\1; writes morgan. &#8\2\20;o 32
Above: “I actually camp a lot!” writes Morgan. “Or I did when I lived in California and hope to continue this summer. I love my old Kathmandu backpack that folds into itself, which I got in New Zealand in 2017.” The Valorous Pack, shown here in Bellbird, is made from recycled nylon; the 20L size is $109.
reports nell: &#8\2\20;the large hinza bag—which is made from a rene 33
Above: Reports Nell: “The Large Hinza Bag—which is made from a renewable raw material sourced from sugar cane—comes with me everywhere and is particularly great on camping trips because you can fill it with different items at different points in the trip. It’s been a shoe carrier, drinks holder (it takes ice and water), and beach bag. It’s also great for carrying dirty dishes to the washing-up station at the end of the night. It cleans beautifully and still looks good as new. Oh, it has also carried logs for the campfire!” The bag is £21.50 from Royal Design Co.
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Product summary  Item 6 165Item 7 166

shimo tank snow peak 1
Pitchers & Carafes

Shimo Tank

$324.95 USD from Snow Peak
cotton mats utilitario mexicano 1
Bath Mats

Cotton Mats

$42.50 USD from Utilitario Mexicano

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