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Walker Workshop

Los Angeles
Photo: Mike Kelley

Regions Served

  • Los Angeles & S. CA

Walker Workshop is a Los Angeles based Architecture firm established in 2010 with the purpose of creating modern structures that are warmly minimal with careful considerations of light, space and the unique qualities of each project’s location. Recently named one of est. magazines “Esteemed 10 International Design Visionaries,” Walker Workshop has always maintained an approach which is deeply rooted in craft and construction, with a rich awareness of the practical responsibility of making buildings. As a licensed General Contractor, we frequently build the homes that we design.  This ethos of creative ownership for all phases of the work, from initial concept followed through to project completion, permeates our culture.

Critical to our mission is the notion that a space, thoughtfully executed, can elevate the body and mind of its inhabitants; and while we do design homes for rock stars we also design for everyone that wants to live like one.  We hope that we can elevate each of our projects to this level of art: with the same level of care and consideration that would normally go into a museum, church, or temple.

For us to be successful we must design as if each of our projects will outlast us, heirlooms to be passed down for generations.  This is why the entire spiraling journey of design and the relationships we build with our clients along the way is so important.  In this era of seductive visual tools, we prefer substance. Our finished work should speak for itself.


carla ridge house ©walkerworkshop 9
Carla Ridge House ©WalkerWorkshop
carla ridge house ©walkerworkshop 11
Carla Ridge House ©WalkerWorkshop
carla ridge house ©walkerworkshop 13
Carla Ridge House ©WalkerWorkshop
oak pass main house ©walkerworkshop 15
Oak Pass Main House ©WalkerWorkshop
beverly hills house ©walkerworkshop 17
Beverly Hills House ©WalkerWorkshop
mandeville modern ©walkerworkshop 19
Mandeville Modern ©WalkerWorkshop
Walker Workshop portrait 3_23
Mandeville Modern, An open-air home designed and built by Walker Workshop. ©WalkerWorkshop
Walker Workshop portrait 3_25
Mandeville Modern ©WalkerWorkshop
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black and white walker workshop logo 25


President | Owner

  • Noah Walker


  • 5574 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA., 90016

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