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Chicago & Loire Valley, France
Photo: Jamie Kelter Davis

Regions Served

  • Chicago & Midwest
  • France
  • The Balkans

MAREDI Design is a French and Serbian husband-wife design duo.

Splitting their time between Europe and the US allows Marc and Dijana the space and opportunity to present the crossover of cultural influences within their projects.

MAREDI Design focuses on translating their European backgrounds and experiences into the international design market, from the Midwest, to France, to the Balkans, in the most authentic way. This design studio sees no geographical limitations to their projects and goes wherever their clients need them to be.

Harnessing their European sensibility in their work, every piece and each material is carefully selected with intention, prioritizing sustainable design and healthy options. Their multicultural nature offers a unique vision that balances functionality, versatility and practicality, which results in timeless interiors. This rooted approach allows their design to emancipate itself from trends and lean into evolutionary habits.

The ethos of MAREDI Design is that designing a space is like telling a story, which means that their designs are inspired by a client’s story, history, culture and legacy.

Matching their ambition of storytelling, this design duo’s approach to regenerative design is aimed at inspiring a healthier way of living and channeling a sustainable impact on people’s lives and lifestyles.

With a distinctive methodology, MAREDI Design believes in the collaborative design journey and creating a unique experience filled with discovery, learning and growth for each individual.

Focus on regenerative and sustainable design

MAREDI Design has an approach that is rooted in regenerative and sustainable design with an emphasis on healthy materials. The products and materials they select for their clients are carefully curated to ensure quality and beauty without compromising on the environmental impacts that these materials have on the health of the home and those who live there. 

They hold several environmental accreditations including: Living Future Accreditation (LFA) via the International Living Future Institute, Healthy Materials Advocate Certification via Parsons and The New School, and soon to be WELL AP Certified.

Read their Manifesto for more insight into their design philosophy and approach.

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maredi profile pic



  • Dijana Savic-Jambert & Marc Jambert


  • MAREDI Design
    1720 W Division St
    Chicago, IL 60622
  • MAREDI Design France
    Loire Valley, France
  • MAREDI Design Balkans
    Belgrade, Serbia

Featured Projects

maredi milwaukee kitchen full
maredi milwaukee kitchen details

Vintage Revival Kitchen

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A hundred year old kitchen redesign with refined contemporary functionality enhancing cohesion with the original character

Featured by Cosentino & Fireclay Tile

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Photos: Jamie Kelter Davis
MAREDI Design portrait 3
MAREDI Design portrait 3

Vibrant Contemporary Kitchen

Chicago, Illinois

An upgraded kitchen featuring pops of colors, durable materials and refined statement fixtures and luminosity

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maredi chicago belle atelier full
maredi chicago belle atelier desk

Dreamy & Elevated Bridal Atelier

Chicago, Illinois

A former industrial space transformed into an elegant and sophisticated bridal atelier

Featured in Modern Luxury

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Photos: Jamie Kelter Davis
MAREDI Design portrait 3
MAREDI Design portrait 3

Modern Desert Villa

Dubai, UAE

A voluminous space with unique and custom features optimized for everyday living with the ability to accommodate guests

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MAREDI Design portrait 3
maredi lsafr bedroom

Upscale Alpine Chalet

Les Deux-Alpes, France

The ultimate welcoming alpine getaway with hotel like curation and convenience

Interested in renting this chalet? Check it out here!

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