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Athens, GR

Regions Served

  • Greece

K-Studio is a design practice rooted in Architecture.

Our contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior, and Hardscape Design, allowing us to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of spatial qualities within every project. This approach is applied to any scale of project and allows us to treat larger scale, more complex works as collections of smaller studies, creating expansive systems for design with greater clarity, definition and attention to detail.

We are a creative studio of 55 architects and interior designers based in central Athens.

We create crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality, and inspired by contemporary life. We do not like waste. We make minimal interventions that use minimal resources and always prefer to work with the elements to create comfort that is naturally luxurious. Our expertise is instinctive and is applied to projects of various programs. But over the years through academic research and practical experience, we have evolved to specialize in the design and realization of projects within the leisure industry.

We work collaboratively with highly experienced and knowledgeable teams to enrich and expand our services and results. Over time we have nurtured and continue to nurture our valued relationships with companies such as WATG, Tombazis & Associate Architects, Betaplan S.A., ISV Architects, and Lambs and Lions.

We have enjoyed working with and learning from the vastly experienced and knowledgeable teams of clients such as Four Seasons and O & O in Athens, and TEMES in the Peloponnese. We have also been invited to bring our contextual approach to international projects in destinations as varied as Israel, Qatar, Panama, and Kuala Lumpur.


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Founding Partner

  • Konstantinos Karampatakis


  • Isavron 5, Lycabettus
    Athens 114 71

Featured Projects

plane house exterior   k studio's projects 10
plane house interior   k studio 12

Plane House (Best Vacation Award in the Ktirio 30 Years Awards 2016)

The Plane House merges internal and external space wonderfully. To avoid block volumes, horizontal planes are inserted into the slope, providing levels for sunbathing, sleeping, and eating. They cool and shade the space beneath, allowing sunlight and maintaining the 270-degree view over the coastline. Space between the planes is defined by flexible panels and glazed screens. Designated cooking, eating and relaxation zones are offset from each other for coziness.

Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis
plane house exterior   k studio projects 14
plane house pool   k studio 16

Plane House Pool

The pool is strategically placed to enjoy the view, but also to create a cooling breeze over the terrace and into the house. Photovoltaic panels power the pool mechanics and grey-water is recycled and used for irrigation, toilet flushing, and fire extinguishing. The landscape is respected and continues over the green roof plane and penetrates vertically through the roof as existing trees stand in the space undisturbed.

Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis
alemagou architectural design   k studio 18
alemagou bar restaurant 20

Alemagou Bar-Restaurant

Alemagou is a bar-restaurant in Mykonos. Taking inspiration from Cycladic architectural elements, the familiar textures are applied to contemporary, organic forms to create a unique character. Added to the palate are the dominating natural conditions of the site: the strong wind and sun and the dry landscape. Rather than attempting to block these natural forces, the design welcomes them, turning them to its advantage.

Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis
barbouni exterior design by k studio 22
barbouni exterior design by k studio 24

Barbouni Beach Restaurant

Barbouni is a beach restaurant at the Costa Navarino Resort. The concept is holistic, with every element of the project coming together to create an inspirational yet laid-back atmosphere.

The restaurant sits on a wooden platform elevated from the sand allowing the waves to break underneath it. The structure of the building is formed by a grid of natural wooden columns; amongst them, an L shaped volume rendered in sand sits among the tree trunks to house all facility areas, such as kitchen, restrooms, and storage.

Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis
barbouni design by k studio 26
barbouni interior   k studio 28

Barbouni Beach Restaurant Interior

Over the table area, an inverted field of hanging fabric sheets forms the canopy that sways soothingly, allowing air to circulate. Throughout the day dappled sunlight filters through the sheets, lighting and shading the space.

The combination of these purposely designed and naturally occurring elements creates a multi-sensory architecture that sits in harmony with the environment and creates an exciting, sociable atmosphere.

Photos: Yiorgos Kordakis
perianth hotel design   k studio 30
perianth hotel design by k studio 32

Perianth Hotel (Best Suite of the Year at the Greek Hotel at the Year Awards 2020)

Perianth Hotel‘s design of the 38 rooms is inspired by the original Art Deco building and the contemporary city life. The main challenge lies in the re-working of the building layout. Originally built to house retail space, offices, and apartments, the structure was arranged to suit the use intended at the time. The resulting irregularity of the building’s structure required an innovative approach so that its new use would work.

Photos: Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann