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Growsgreen Landscape Design

Regions Served

  • San Francisco & Bay Area

Services Offered

Beth Mullins is principle of Growsgreen Landscape Design, an award winning design firm that specializes in residential garden designs all over the Bay area with gardens even in the Pacific Northwest. With her background in science and art, landscape architecture degree and almost a decade in landscape design, she has developed a personal style of a modern organic’ambiance: often using clean-lined hardscaping combined with a mixture of soft and structural plantings for movement and flow. She loves helping clients create a respite in their own garden. Using alternative materials and textural plant combinations, Beth places unique vignettes at every turn for an experience in the garden. She relishes designing hardscape that enhances existing structures and maintains the unique character of every space. Often, her scientific background influences her designs.

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Angle of Repose: This garden was an amazing collaboration between the client and designer. We wanted to create a restful. peaceful, dog friendly space that tied into the angled architecture of the home into the garden. We concentrated on a clean look that emphasizes the client's love of retro furniture. Plant palette is highly sculptural and textural with low water needs. Photo: Mitch Maher

Parking Lot turned Garden: We removed the cars from this garden that was all cracked concrete and oil stains. We created garden rooms for cooking, lounging and living by both adults and kids. The steps to the upper deck act as built in seating for movie night projected on the house wall and fence.

Harvest Garden: The client's of this garden love to cook. We created 3 curvilinear metal raised beds for their everchanging harvest. The rest of the garden was planted for the relaxation of the clients when they are waiting for their crops to grow. Use of bamboo and low water use grasses create a green oasis of calm. Photo: Beth Mullins

Memorial Garden: This design of this garden creates a protected place to sit and be. Granite curbing makes an informal pathway or patio with the emphasis being on green and texture. The client was inspired by the Aids Memorial Garden in Golden Gate park so we included lines and elements reminiscing of that. Photo: Beth Mullins

Letters and Grasses and Tigers, Oh My!: This rooftop garden increases the client's livable space 2 fold. We were able to incorporate seating, dining and cooking areas but overall it just feels like a getaway much farther away than just pstairs…. Photo: Beth Mullins

Four Square Garden: This garden has a classical vibe but we added furniture to be contemporary art in the landscape. The four squares in the garden are rotated with plants depending on whether it is a harvest year or cutting garden type of year. The perimeter plantings provide a seasonally changing backdrop. Photo: Beth Mullins

Orb Garden: Orbs create punctuation and angles create 3 different levels in this garden. Bluestone mixed with gravel creates a hopskotch area for the kids and a place for toy trucks while the concrete patio is for adults. Photo: Beth Mullins

Metal Hillside: This garden mixes classic rock walls with sqaure metal planters. It is the simplest planting palette: Olive trees, no mow fescue and sedums. The view is framed in every vantage point by the olives: from 4 stories above, within the garden when on the patio or when playing below on the gravel area



  • E: info@growsgreen.com


  • Beth Mullins


  • Pennsylvania AveSan Francisco, CA 94107T 415-336-9829

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