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David Hotson Architect

Regions Served

  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic

David Hotson Architect is a full-service architectural design firm specializing in contemporary residential architecture. Our work combines technical rigor, volumetric clarity, and insightful detailing, with fresh vivid vital immersive spatial experience. This combination technical precision and of rigorous delineation of volume with a playful attitude to experience generates places that are surprising, engaging, vivid, unique and memorable

The office has extensive experience working on co-op and condominium apartment and loft renovations, adaptive reuse and infill projects, historic townhouse buildings, offices and studios for creative companies, and projects in the art world –including museums, galleries, and studios and residences for artists and collectors.


Park Avenue Townhouse_First Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Fourth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Fourth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Fifth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Fifth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Fifth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_Sixth Floor

Park Avenue Townhouse_view down


Slide_entrance at Attic: The tubular mirror-polished stainless steel slide is entered through a circular opening in the seamless inclined glass wall which fills the south end of the Attic.

Stairwell_viewed from Attic: The glass floor at Attic level offers a view down through the four-story facetted stairwell,spanned at the third level by a structural glass bridge.

Slide_emerging from Library ceiling: The slide coils down from the bedroom level through the Library ceiling.

Living Room_with central climbing column: The fifty foot tall pyramidal Living Room centers on an original riveted steel column dating from 1895. Climbing holds and a belaying harness allow intrepid visitors to ascend the full four-floor height of the Living Room.

Slide_over Guest Bedroom: The slide sweeps down over the Guest Bedroom before passing through an interior window and out over the stair.

Stairwell_view to Stair: The stair wraps the perimeter of the twisting stairwell and overlooks the stairwell through openings trimmed in mirror polished stainless steel.

Slide_at Library: Suspended from a single point above the ceiling, the slide descends over the Library seating area.

Stairwell_viewed from Entry: From the entry, the stairwell ascends through all floor level sof the penthouse. The original riveted steel structure from 1895 threads through the shaft and slips past the structural glass bedroom bridge and the glass floor of the Attic level.

Slide_exit at Gallery: At the exit from the slide, the stainless tube flares to form a distorted rectangular mirrored partition which separates the Gallery from the Library.

Living Room_from Attic: An inclined triangular window fills the entire end of the Attic at the fourth level of the penthouse, offering a vertiginous view down past the upholstered balcony at the third level to the Living Room floor four stories below



  • E: info@hotson.net


  • 151 Lafayette Street_4th FloorNew York, NY 10013T 212 965 8828