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Dameron Architecture

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Christopher Dameron

Regions Served

  • Boston & New England
  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic

Dameron Architecture is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary studio that specializes in ecology-inspired projects and the art of adaptive reuse. We work with mission-driven clients to design beautiful spaces, fantastical and expressive buildings, and living landscapes that connect people to nature.

We are a full-service architecture firm that also offers expanded services to develop and support projects from the very beginning, such as zoning and feasibility studies, site selection, programming, master planning and more.

Christopher founded Dameron Architecture in 2009 to create a forward-thinking practice driven by ethical objectives and a deep concern for addressing environmental degradation. Our approach relies on a set of simple principles: design with nature, connect to living things, understand architecture as an art and a science, make utility beautiful, use and reuse real materials, make efficient buildings, be elegant, and dream on.

We design time machines, secret gardens, and homes for mythical creatures.

In other words, our portfolio of residential, landscape, and cultural projects expresses our expertise in adaptive reuse, storytelling, biophilia, animal facilities, and ecological systems. In Brooklyn and the greater New York metropolitan area, we like to reuse buildings and salvaged materials to save resources and connect different moments in time.

To create a home, we rely on moods and feelings that reflect the owner’s aspirations because we believe architecture is linked to personal values. Our design principles are timeless but playful with an emphasis on sustainability and healthy, real materials. We combine new technology with age-old wisdom to design comfortable spaces with improved indoor air quality. With a focus on natural ventilation and passive solar design, we design buildings that breathe.

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Dameron Architecture portrait 3


Owner & Founder

  • Christopher Dameron, AIA


  • 45 Main Street, Suite 624
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

Featured Projects

empire engine firehouse facade in brooklyn, restored by dameron architecture 8
empire engine firehouse terrace in brooklyn by dameron architecture 10

Empire Engine Firehouse

Empire Engine firehouse is a holdout of a bygone era, surrounded by some of the fastest transforming residential blocks in Brooklyn. We collaborated with the owners to craft an architectural expression of their curated design ideas and concepts, amplifying the history of the place. The residence is topped with a formal roof garden and hardscape of serpentine pavers and water features, including a flooded structural glass skylight and Japanese soaking tub.

Featured in New York Magazine.

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Photos: Amy Barkow
connecticut house renovation by dameron architecture 12

Connecticut Harbor House

Dameron Architecture substantially renovated this house in Connecticut for a pair of scientists nearing retirement to enhance the house’s connection to the harbor and the sky. The 1960s New England Cape was deemed a tear down due to general neglect and water damage, but the structure was viable and the layout was adaptable, so we chose to rehabilitate what we could as to not be wasteful.

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lakeside landscape design by dameron architecture 14
lakeside landscape design by dameron architecture 16

Lakeside Landscape

As a formal garden, this lakeside landscape is an abstract geometric composition with bold colors. The landscape restores a former grass lawn to a habitat for native wildlife and creates a place to observe birds, butterflies and bees. It is designed to be viewed from the living space above and experienced from ground level.

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brooklyn apartment combination and renovation by dameron architecture 18

Cobble Hill Apartment

At the end of a Brooklyn block and at the top of this 1870s building is a sunny Cobble Hill apartment with a view. Unobstructed light from gives life to the textures of the materials—reclaimed chestnut flooring and shelving, whitewashed birch walls, and stone tile. The stair core is a rocky grey mountain. The children’s rooms are inside a little wooden house and the living spaces are clouds, with free-floating furniture and art.

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landmark brooklyn brownstone renovation by dameron architecture 20

Park Slope Townhouse

We renovated a landmark townhouse in Park Slope that was originally built in 1920 on a road that preexisted the neighborhood. The building contains a fluid, plaster interior with historic elements floating in fields of white, drawing a sensibility of bold and unsettling spaces, inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s cinematography and the space-age sensibilities of its owners. On the outside, it’s 1920 pretending to be 1850. On the inside, it’s 1965. It’s 1983. It’s 2012. It is a forum for the changing qualities of sunlight on curved walls, occupied by a happy family.

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Photo: Amy Barkow
carroll hall garden and event space in brooklyn by dameron architecture 22

Carroll Hall Garden & Event Space

Carroll Hall is an ecologically-focused private event space and botanical garden that features 10,000 square feet of interior and exterior space equipped with flexible accommodations. The project is a complete reimagining of the block, providing an improved sidewalk, new street trees and bicycle racks. The landscape features native planting and encourages urban wildlife, retaining and reusing site water and repurposing construction materials from the existing buildings.

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