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Elliott + Elliott House on a Pond | Remodelista

House on a Pond: Located at the edge of a harsh sea environment, this collection of buildings marries the familiar with the unexpected. Three simple cottages linked by a series of decks make up this summer compound, which extends over a tidal salt pond. Inspired by local fishing shacks and wharf buildings that dot the coast of Maine, this retreat weaves large glazed openings into the modest, shingled New England cottage forms. © Tom Crane Photography

We are an architectural firm in Blue Hill, Maine engaged in the design and renovation of residential and institutional buildings. Much of our work is on the Maine coast and islands, and it is this extraordinary environment – natural, cultural and architectural – that provides our starting point and inspiration.

Elliott + Elliott House in a Meadow | Remodelista

House in a Meadow: William Morris once remarked, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This philosophy pervades life in Maine and in turn defines the concept for this project. Drawn from the aesthetics of Shaker meetinghouses and Maine grange halls, simplicity, practicality, and celebration of the ordinary prevail. © Brian Vanden Brink

Elliott + Elliott House on a Point | Remodelista

House on a Point: This house, unlike many of our other projects, does not take its precedent from a local building typology. Instead, a different precedent was called upon, inspired by the owners’ love of sailing, this project is grounded in another aspect of Maine vernacular: boat-building. Resolutely manmade in its geometry, the structure’s materials—dark-stained clapboards, clear-finished wood windows, and gray metal roofing—nevertheless allow it to merge with the surrounding spruce woodlands. © Brian Vanden Brink

Elliott + Elliott House on the Neck | Remodelista

House on the Neck: This house juxtaposes the built object itself with the natural surroundings in which it is sited, reinforcing the intrinsic beauty of each. The extraordinary diversity of this seaside location, with a mature forest of oak, birch, and fir giving way to filtered views of Blue Hill Bay, led to a desire for the building to engage all aspects of its environment. The resulting house is able to both reflect and dissolve into the landscape without sacrificing any of its own formal integrity. © Rob Karosis

Elliott + Elliott House on a Hill | Remodelista

House on a Hill: Two united, yet seemingly disparate ideas are reflected in this house: the memory of a nineteenth-century Cape Cod–style residence that stood on the site for over one hundred years and the desire for a minimalist spatial expression. The view of the ocean across a rolling meadow, the tranquillity and color of the surrounding gardens, and the lasting memory of the owners’ previous home for twenty years became integral components of the program. The Cape house served as the iconic symbol of the couple’s beginnings in Maine, raising a family. © Wayne N. T. Fuji'i/Fuji'iMage

Elliott + Elliott House on a Hill interior | Remodelista

House on a Hill: Continuing a concept first explored in the House in a Meadow, this house translates a historical precedent into contemporary architecture, with thoughtful reductiveness and restraint. The result is a project that complements the surrounding landscape, both natural and historical, while simultaneously drawing it in. © Wayne N. T. Fuji'i/Fuji'iMage

Elliott + Elliott House on the Ledge | Remodelista

House on the Ledge: The site contained an existing apple orchard and granite outcroppings hemmed by a rocky coast. The coast wraps the site and creates a peninsula effect with steep, sloping ledge. The open meadow presented an opportunity to allow light to penetrate deep into the house. This is tempered by views of the water and carefully placed walls which modulate the space while providing display area. © Paul Warchol

Elliott + Elliott House on the Ledge interior | Remodelista

House on the Ledge: The house revolves around a three-story circulation core with a stair and elevator, a sectional element around which the house was organized both aesthetically and functionally. This divides the floor plan into two volumes which are shifted along the north-south axis to optimize views of the bay and maximize solar gain. The building’s complex form creates many different relationships with its surroundings and is best understood by moving in, on and through it. © Paul Warchol

Elliott + Elliott House on a Pond interior | Remodelista

House on a Pond: The interior space is a reflection of the exterior form, with a modern treatment of the traditional massing. Stainless steel columns and tie rods alleviate the roof structure of its heavy burden, allowing the space to expand unimpeded to the ridge. A large boulder provides a base for the fireplace and the stainless steel–clad flue, suspended from the structure above, contributes to the lightness of the space. The interior columns transfer the load to a steel frame anchored in the pond’s granite basin, updating the wood pile wharf precedent while keeping it very much present. © Tom Crane Photography

Elliott + Elliott House on a Cove | Remodelista

House on a Cove: Fronting Smith Cove, a secluded deep water anchorage ideal for boating and kayaking, the site is densely wooded with filtered ocean views to the north. It slopes gently towards the water and is interspersed with ledge outcroppings. Natural light informed the section of the house, with high south-facing windows and an inclined roof on the backside that draw light into the narrow bar that overlooks the ocean. © Trent Bell Photography


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