Wittus Cubic Series Wood Stove

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Product: Wittus Cubic Series Wood Stove
Color: Black
Retailer: Wittus

The Cubic series brings about a new generation of wood burning fire. Among the six models of varying sizes, some are floor models and others are directly attached on the wall.
Minimal, yet sophisticated and contemporary, the unique Cubic series were designed by the Danish architect Anders Ní¸rgaard. He stated: “I did not just want to make a stove, I wanted it to be something more than that”.
All the models utilize the same highly efficient, fire box and are EPA certified and UL/ULC approved.
Higher fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions make burning wood a “green” thing and an environmentally responsible addition to your home.
Available in matte black steel.

The 6 versions include:

  • Cubic 215 – 7’ high
  • Cubic 166 – 5½’ high
  • Cubic 109 – 3½’ high
  • Cubic Corner
  • Cubic Wall
  • Cubic W200 – 6½’ long with side wood holder.