Staghorn Fern – Mounted

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Product: Staghorn Fern – Mounted
Retailer: Paxton Gate

Staghorn ferns are epiphytic perennials (plants that derive most of their nutrients from particles in the air) of the genus Platycerium, native to tropical forests in Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia. Although they don't flower, their unique, antler-shaped fronds make the Staghorn one of the more intriguing epiphytes out there. The size of your Staghorn (already mounted and ready to hang) will depends on its growing conditions, they prefer medium to bright diffused light with watering every 5 – 7 days. Staghorn ferns are a great way to maximize vertical space in either an indoor or outdoor setting!

*Expedited shipping for ferns is recommended and they should not be shipped during the winter months (unless overnight) .