Single Cotton Hammock

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Product: Single Cotton Hammock
Retailer: Manufactum

Cotton weave, ashwood. Spread 300 cm. Hammock 180 x 130 cm Weight 3.8 kg. To carry max. 150 kg weight.

The Hammocks. With luxuriously woven cloth.

‘Luxurious’ in two senses – not only is the cloth of a superlative quality that you can feel at the first touch, but the manufacturers have really taken the time to produce a first-class article. In the double hammock, for example, a total of 1,400 (!) continuous threads have been used, every single one of which is attached to the suspension lines, meaning that there are no irritating knots or loose thread ends. Our hammock is completely tear-proof and ensures optimal body-weight distribution. It has adjustable wooden struts at each end to prevent excessive sagging, and there is a manual tension adjusting system so you can easily adjust the length. The only synthetic components are the suspension lines made of a durable weather and sun-resistant polyester mix.

South American Lifestyle – made in Austria.