“Made in the USA” Clothespins

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Product: “Made in the USA” Clothespins
Retailer: Best Drying Rack

It’s taken many years, but finally you can buy some here!

We ran our Clothespin Challenge for 4 years before someone finally agreed to manufacture clothespins in the USA. Please help us thank and congratulate the Kevin and Hilary Jones family for their commitment and entrepreneurship.

And the best way we can all thank them is by buying some of their sturdy clothespins. I know that they are more expensive than the Chinese clothespins you find in a store. Please do not think of it as just buying clothespins, think of it as supporting a new business. They are bootstrapping their efforts with their own savings for now, but every clothespin you buy helps them get better equipment so they can make the clothespins more efficiently, in larger quantities, and eventually at a lower price.

  • Made of locally harvested Maple
  • Stainless springs never rust
  • Large and Strong. 3.5″ long
  • Grips up to 1/2″ diameter rods
  • Weather resistant finish
  • Support a US family business
  • Lifetime Guarantee