Greentree Home Candle: Patriot Head- Black

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Product: Greentree Home Candle: Patriot Head- Black
Color: Black
Retailer: Hudson Made

Candle maker and wax sculptor Jenifer Green of GreenTree Home Candle set out to make a series of beeswax doll heads when she came across this lovely and haunting patriot in an antique shop in central New York. She chose this design because the face–stoic and sophisticated–evokes a sense of nostalgia that made her happy. The patriot is less a symbol of “patriotism” than a found object reminiscent of times past. It also makes a sophisticated bookend or home decoration with only one flaw: you may enjoy it too much to burn.

Hand poured in upstate New York, Jenifer Green and Susan Riesen consider their pure beeswax candles to be more than just sources of golden light. Each candle is an imaginative form of art–sculpted from one of nature’s purest products and made special for each individual customer. The candles, which come in a variety of shapes and colors, add a touch of natural warmth and serenity to any room of the home. Wicks are made from 100 percent natural cotton and burn toxin-free. Each candle gives off the delicate scent of honey as it burns.

  • 100% pure beeswax
  • 2.5″ x 3.125″