Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run

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Product: Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run
Retailer: Williams-Sonoma

The eggs collected from your own free-roaming hens are unlike any you buy in the supermarket, boasting yellow-orange yolks and a pure, clean flavor. Handcrafted in the USA from certified-sustainable wood, the Alexandria coop will keep your flock safe and dry year-round. Pair it with our optional Alexandria House Frame Run (sold separately) so your hens can enjoy fresh air, exercise and foraging opportunities in a safe, enclosed space. Every detail of both coop and run has been designed to keep your chickens comfortable and ensure a daily supply of fresh, nutritious eggs for your family.

Alexandria Chicken Coop:

Alexandria House Frame Run (sold separately)

Prices range from $399.95 to $879.95

  • Hand-built from solid pine and exterior-grade plywood – both certified sustainable and free from harmful glues or chemicals.
  • Topped with a cedar-shake roof.
  • Hand-finished with a low-VOC stain
  • Three built-in nest boxes provide room for up to six hens.
  • Large dual cleanout doors simplify maintenance.
  • Easy-care linoleum floor.
  • Exterior nesting box hatch latches open for easy egg collecting.
  • Chicken door and hatch lock to keep hens safe from predators.
  • Vents and windows allow for fresh air, and a Plexiglas storm flap ensures protection from the elements.
  • Sturdy rubber wheels and wheelbarrow handles let you move the coop to offer hens new pasture.
  • 21″-tall legs create a shady, sheltered spot beneath the coop.
  • Pair with the House Frame Run to give your hens safe, enclosed outdoor space.
  • White Glove delivery; we'll assemble the coop and place it for you.
  • Made in USA.
  • Hand-built from solid certified-sustainable red pine with galvanized steel mesh.
  • Fastens securely to the coop, but can be removed to allow for repositioning of the coop.
  • Can be draped with a tarp to shed snow or with a lightweight fabric scrim to create shade in summer.
  • White Glove delivery; we'll assemble the run and place it for you.
  • Made in USA.
  • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.