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House, Cabo San Lucas Photo: Scott Frances

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50 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
T (212) 587-3371 | F (212) 385-9379
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Furniture Design

Interior Design

Landscape Design

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Boston & New England

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New York City & Mid-Atlantic

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An award-winning interiors and landscape design firm, Rees Roberts + Partners was formed in 2007, giving those departments formerly of Steven Harris Architects a distinct identity within and beyond the firm. Their work encompasses a wide range of projects around the world, from New York City to San Francisco, the Hamptons to Cabo San Lucas, upstate New York to Croatia, Cape Town, South Africa to Geneva, Switzerland.

Known for elegant and functional interiors that defer to elements of art, light, and views to surrounding places, the firm creates spaces that are custom-tailored to the context of each location and the character of the individual client. The firm is also widely acclaimed for its innovative landscape design, in terms of their skill with integrating the built structure with its natural environment, their awareness of sustainable and ecologically meaningful design solutions, and their understanding of the critical role that landscapes play in defining the character of a place.

The work of Rees Roberts + Partners continues to be well-received and widely published in magazines and books around the world.