Sleep the Scandinavian Way: Two Duvets, Not One

Photography courtesy of Area Home

Here's a Scandi sleep secret: mine and yours duvets on a shared mattress.“It’s a Scandinavian and Northern European thing that has so many advantages, including better sleep,” says Anki Spets of Area Home—and then offered to share how it’s done. Here's her photographic explanation.

“Begin with a bottom sheet, as many pillows as you like, and twin duvets—we just use duvet covers, no top sheets,” specifies Anki.

The advantages of two duvets include no longer having to battle for coverage and being able to cater to different temperature preferences.

Think burrito-style: fold in the sides of each comforter and flip the bottom up, then turn over and lay side by side.

The bed is made in minutes.

“For a more finished look and extra warmth, you can add a top blanket and throws,” says Anki.