Now Trending: Classic Curtained Beds

Photograph via Berdoulat

Lately we’ve been noticing a comeback of Dickensian curtained beds: canopy varieties with wrap-around drapery and built-in nooks and alcoves that become snug bed-boxes when the curtains are drawn. A few favorites:

A snug bed at The Bradley Hare, a traditional pub with rooms for let, is hung with tasseled curtains.

Photograph via The Bradley Hare

In a revived 1790s home in Bath, a guest room features a bespoke wrought-iron canopy bed hung with linen drapery.

Photograph by Paul Massey, courtesy of Howe.

The curtained bed, minimalist edition: This one, in the UK, is wrapped in white Portuguese linen.

Photograph by Maria Le Mesurier

A guest bed in a London townhouse redone by Retrouvius is hung with trim terra-cotta curtains.

Photograph by Tom Fallon, courtesy of Retrouvius

A sophisticated take.

Photograph courtesy of The Modern House