Mix and Mismatch: A Paris Apartment, Redone by Merci

Photography courtesy of Merci

Merci, the Paris lifestyle store at the top of every aesthete’s must-visit list, recently completed their second project, an apartment in an 18th-century building. This Second Residence is a celebration, in the store’s own words, of the Merci way: “pairing antiques with contemporary designs, mixing two antagonistic aesthetics, combining mass-produced objects with artisanal pieces.” 

The 120-square-meter apartment occupies a floor of a late 18th-century neoclassical townhouse overlooking the Seine.

A small group of artists and artisans were invited to leave their mark on the space.

The home office is known as the Shaker Room: inspiration for its sunny paint job and wrap-around peg rail came from visits to Shaker villages in Massachusetts.

Photograph via Tess Newall

A hat-like Brass Suspension Light from Merci hangs over a vintage kitchen table surrounded by an odd lot of chairs.

The stainless steel cabinets are by Italian line Alpes Inox.

The bedroom has original paneling.

The designers introduced a circa 1900 sink to the main bathroom.