Inside Balineum’s First Studio and Showroom

Photography via Balineum

Balineum—the Latin word for bathhouse—is a bathroom supply specialist unlike any other. Founded by Sarah Watson in 2007, it’s already established as an insider’s go-to for luxury bathroom furniture and fixtures. This month, Sarah has opened the doors of her first showroom, which is housed in a residential Victorian building just below her own apartment.

“The marble column in our foyer area was an unexpected surprise,” says Sarah. “It was hidden behind a built-in cupboard.

The display frames showcasing the metal accessories were made using brown felt and dark oak frames.

Left off the foyer is the primary showroom, where the overall aesthetic is not unlike a traditional apothecary or old-fashioned sweet shop.

In the window, a bespoke trolley displays gleaming brassware mounted on perspex cubes.

A temporary cork trestle table stands in the center of the room.

A dedicated packing room has been given just as much thought, with carpets from Sinclair Til and a Balineum Flora wall mirror hung above the fireplace, which also features Balineum’s hand-painted tiles.