Gift Guide: 5 Favorite Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022

Photography via Malin Appelgren

In celebration of Saint Valentine, our editors are admiring objects both practical and romantic. Here are just a few things on our lists this year:

On Julie’s list are the Ivory Tapers with Flowers, painted by Los Angeles-based artisan Esme Saleh and available from Nickey Kehoe for $38/pair.

In lieu of a box of chocolates, gift the ‘As Time Goes By’ Valdani Thread Set with Ceramic Dish is $100 from Tatter.

Brass Leaf Sconces are handmade in Sweden by Malin Appelgren.

Cookies and tea from Té Company come in wrapped gift boxes; this is the Choicest Tea & Biscuits gift box, $62

Julie is admiring the petite bowls made by Remodelista favorite Cécile Daladier for Alder & Co.; the Bowl #6 is $135.