DIY Ideas: A Young Designer’s Canvas Creations

Photography via Katie Alderson

Katie Alderson is admittedly handy. “But I definitely would not say I’m a good sewer,” adds the 29 year old. When her father gave her a Singer sewing machine for Christmas during the first year of lockdown, she was daunted but put it to work, getting to know her machine by using canvas. We came across Katie’s creations on her website and wanted them all. Come take a look—and consider doing some sewing yourself.

Katie cut up an Ikea canvas apron to create her first project: a canvas lunch bag.

Katie made this combination makeup bag/toiletry kit while she was “in a phase during lockdown of making my own lip balms and soap.

The finished bag is approximately 8 inches long, 4 inches tall, and 2.5 inches deep.

“I was commissioned by one of my artist friends to create a storage solution for his collection of paint brushes,” says Katie of this canvas roll.

“We decided to incorporate six compartments varying in size to hold both small and large brushes,” Katie tells us.