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Steal This Look: A Rustic Modern Kitchen in the Netherlands


Steal This Look: A Rustic Modern Kitchen in the Netherlands

November 22, 2016

At Jan de Jong Interieur in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands, designer Christien Starkenburg built out a modern kitchen with a white, charcoal, and pale gray palette with a rustic curtained sink. Here is a list of matched and similar sources to re-create the creative look.


Above: A table by Starkenburg’s furniture company SlowWood in the foreground.


Above: The small kitchen counter has handmade tile, custom cabinetry, concrete counters, and a linen curtain.


Above: A pale blue-gray tiled backsplash.


Above: The curtain conceals the under-sink area and softens the otherwise hard-edged space..



Above: Benjamin Moore’s Super White paint is $37.99 for a gallon of Ben Interior paint.

Farrow and Ball Railings

Above: Cabinets are painted in a dark gray-blue paint similar to Farrow & Ball’s Railings; $97 a gallon.

Albarello Handmade Tiles

Above: The handmade backsplash tiles are by local Friesland tile specialists Albarello.

Remodelista Kitchen Countertop Concrete

Above: The concrete countertop in Starkenburg’s kitchen was poured on site. For more, see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Remodelista Kitchen Countertop Picks.


Slow Wood Grut 8 Table

Above: Starkenburg’s furniture workshop, SlowWood, makes the pale Grut 8 Oval oak table.

Jean Prouve Standard Dining Chair in Black

Above: Starkenburg selected the darker color combinations of the Jean Prouvé Standard Chair—seen here in Dark Oak and Deep Black—for the dining room; $995 at Design Within Reach.

Jean Prouve Standard Dining Chair in Red

Above: The Prouvé Standard Chair in Dark Oak and Japanese Red; $995 at Design Within Reach.

Jean Prouve Standard Dining Chair in Dark Wood

Above: The Prouvé Standard Chair in Black Walnut and Deep Black; $995 at Design Within Reach.

Slow Wood Grut 5 Skraag Table

Above: Another design from SlowWood: The Grut 5 Skraag Table is available in ash or oak.

Hans J. Wegner CH29 Walnut Oak Chair

Above: Hans Wegner’s Sawbuck Chair from Carl Hansen in walnut and oak is $1,280 at Danish Design Store.

Vitra Wood Jill Chair

Above: The Vitra Jill Chair with a Wood Base is $1,035 at the Modern Home.


Lampe Gras Black Wall Sconce

Above: The Lampe Gras N 2222 Wall Light is available to order directly through Lampe Gras in France.

Zangra White Porcelain Light Switch

Above: Zangra makes white bakelite and porcelain European wall Switch Systems.

Faucets & Fixtures

Chicago Faucets Hot and Cold Water Sink Faucet

Above: The Chicago Faucet Hot and Cold Water Sink Faucet is available at Chicago Faucets.

Kohler Ice Rock Undermount Sink

Above: Kohler’s Icerock Under-Mount Sink is £388 ($484) at Kohler in the UK.


Wooden Dowel Rods

Above: For a curtain rod, source wood dowel rods from Amazon, Home Depot, and Baird Brothers Sawmill.

Linen Shed Washed Linen Yardage

Above: You can source washed linen fabric like this Chalk Linen Fabric for $30 per meter at Linen Shed, or find something similar at Matteo, Pottery Barn, and Tinsmiths.


Hoganas Black Teapot with a Wood Lid

Above: The Höganäs Teapot in a dark gray stoneware with a wood lid is $90 at Scandinavian Design Center.

Fog Linen Work Kitchen Cloth in Nicole Plaid

Above: Fog Linen Work’s Kitchen Cloth in Nicole plaid is $15 at Fog Linen.

Iittala Aalto Vase in Salmon Pink Glass

Above: The Iittala Aalto Vase in Salmon Pink Glass is $169 at Amara.

Duralex Picardie Glass Tumblers Small

Above: The Duralex Picardie Clear Tumbler is a kitchen classic. Source the smaller ones like Starkenburg’s for $16.55 for a set of six at Amazon. For more on the Picardie, see our post Object Lessons: Iconic Cafe Ware from Duralex.

Futagami Brass Tool Holder

Above: The Futagami Brass Tool Holder can also be used as a flower vase on a dining table; $278 at Nalata Nalata.

On Our Table Hole Slab Cutting Board

Above: The 6.1.2 Hole Slab Long Walnut Board is $150 from On Our Table. For more on the boards, see our post Design Sleuth: Charcuterie Boards at Luce in Portland, OR.

For more creative kitchens to steal, see our posts:

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