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Trend Alert: Kitchens with Fluted Detailing


Trend Alert: Kitchens with Fluted Detailing

April 16, 2020

Architectural columns ornamented with fluting—those vertical channels that create an elegant interplay of light and shadow—have been around since Egyptian times. Fluting next made its way inside as high-style detailing on paneling and furniture: picture the  tapered legs on a Louis XVI table. But it wasn’t on our radar as a design option until just the other month—which now feels like a lifetime ago—when we started noticing decorative grooves cropping up all over the house. We particularly admire the use of fluting in the kitchen as a textural and skinnifying element. Yes, a bit of extra dusting might be required; we’d be willing. Here, a look at some favorite fluted projects in wood, stone, and plaster.

in an artist&#8\2\17;s paris apartment, hélène pinaud and julien  17
Above: In an artist’s Paris apartment, Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann of Heju Studio designed a kitchen island “dressed in relief tiles.” See more of the architects’ kitchen remodels here and here.
uk kitchen design company devol offers this classic ceramic fluted sink made in 18
Above: UK kitchen design company deVol offers this classic ceramic Fluted Sink made in England by Shaws of Darwen. Also available from deVol: a Fluted Tuscan Farmhouse Double Sink of Carrara marble.
avenue design studio, a two woman interior design firm in the hague, introduced 19
Above: Avenue Design Studio, a two-woman interior design firm in the Hague, introduced fluted paneling in the kitchen of their Rotterdam Terrace project “to balance out the warmth of the oak cabinets and the sheer visual impact of the natural stone countertop.”
piercy and co kitchen bella freud
Above: The ripple effect in walnut and marble at the Television Centre penthouse in London. Piercy & Co. architects oversaw the renovation, and fashion designer Bella Freud and interior designer Maria Speake of Retrouvious collaborated on the interiors. To see the full project, go to Retro Maximalism.
fluted oak cabinets meet terrazzo in a compact london kitchen by surman weston  21
Above: Fluted oak cabinets meet terrazzo in a compact London kitchen by Surman Weston architects. The counter and backsplash are Foresso, a composite sheet material made from, among other things, scrap wood, waste from sawmills, and waste lime plaster.
henrybuilt fluted island
Above: Henrybuilt’s new line of furniture includes, the Harvest 3-Bay, a kitchen island that incorporates knife blocks, spice fittings, PaperStone drawer dividers, stainless steel utensil trays—and, as Henrybuilt puts it, “refined elegance, a quality too often absent in such a workpiece.” To see another standout island from collection, go to Primary Objects.
wide and narrow fluting runs up the walls of the in house café at tech com 23
Above: Wide and narrow fluting runs up the walls of the in-house café at tech company NCR’s splashy new Sydney headquarters in Sydney designed by Gray Puksand.
at svinkløv badehotel, a reinvented resort on the north sea in denmark, th 24
Above: At Svinkløv Badehotel, a reinvented resort on the North Sea in Denmark, the reception desk is fluted. See our post, The Reincarnation of a Beloved Danish Seaside Hotel. Photograph by Jens Lindhe, courtesy of Praksis.
amagansett refresh athena calderone live beautiful eyeswoon 14
Above: Interior designer/chef Athena Calderone is especially at home in the kitchen: her Amagansett house features this marble-topped island detailed with custom plaster fluting by Kamp Studios (see below). Check out Calderone’s blog, EyeSwoon, and her new book, Live Beautiful. Photograph by Nicole Franzen via Live Beautiful.
kate fitzgerald of &#8\2\20;staunchly feminist architecture firm&#8\2\2 26
Above: Kate Fitzgerald of “staunchly feminist architecture firm” Whispering Smith created a fluted focal point in the kitchen of a project known as House B in Scarborough Australia.
in his bermondsey kitchen london restaurateur mark hix created an island out of 27
Above: In his Bermondsey kitchen London restaurateur Mark Hix created an island out of salvaged cast concrete columns sourced from Remodelista favorite Retrouvius. Hix worked with “fit-out contractors” Tekne.  Photograph via The Modern House.
kamp studios of brooklyn is a two woman workshop specializing in architectural  28
Above: Kamp Studios of Brooklyn is a two-woman workshop specializing in architectural finishes. Shown here, their fluted tile samples. Photograph via @kampstudios.

More finishes to consider:

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Frequently asked questions

What is fluting?

Fluting is a decorative technique that involves creating shallow, vertical grooves in a surface. It is commonly used on columns, pilasters, and molding as a way to add texture and visual interest to architectural detailing.

What is fluted paneling?

Fluted paneling is a type of wall paneling that features fluted grooves running vertically along the surface. This technique is commonly used in interior design as a way to add texture and depth to walls, especially in traditional or classic styles of decor.

How is fluted paneling installed?

Fluted paneling is typically installed by attaching individual panels to the wall with screws or adhesive. The precise installation process may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of paneling, so be sure to consult installation instructions before beginning the process.

What are some popular uses for fluted paneling?

Fluted paneling is a versatile design element that can be used in a variety of ways. It is often used to add interest and texture to kitchen cabinetry, as shown in the article. It can also be used as an accent wall in a living room or bedroom, or as a decorative element in an entryway or foyer.

Is fluted paneling difficult to maintain?

Fluted paneling is easy to maintain, as it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth as needed. However, it is important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives on the surface, as these can damage the finish or the underlying material.

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