The White Album: 10 Tiny Powder Rooms by

Issue 5 · Small Space Living · February 6, 2014

The White Album: 10 Tiny Powder Rooms

Issue 5 · Small Space Living · February 6, 2014

I grew up in a creaky Victorian house in New England with a tiny half bath (what used to aptly be called a "water closet") slotted under the stairs; maybe that's why I'm drawn to the idea of the minuscule, no-nonsense guest bath (you can always fancy it up with a bar of nice soap and a few sprigs of greenery when the visitors arrive).

Rozelle Mirrored Bath/Remodelista

Above: A glamorous mirrored powder room in Australia by TFAD.

White Tiled Tiny Bathroom/Remodelista

Above: A powder room in a 375-square-foot apartment by Parisian designers Maison Hand; via 79 Ideas.

Tiny White Powder Room/Remodelista

Above: An Alape Enameled Bucket Sink at Orchard Keepers in Australia works as a small washbasin; photo by Sharyn Cairns via Est.

Tiny White Bathroom/Remodelista

Above: A niche for books in the powder room of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard.

Selldorf Remodel Brooklyn/Remodelista

Above: A tiny powder room with rectangular white tiles installed vertically for visual interest; see the whole project at Rehab Diary: A Hardworking Brooklyn Kitchen by Annabelle Selldorf. Photo by Matthew Williams for Remodelista.

Paris AR Tiny Bathroom/Remodelista

Above: A tiny bathroom with recessed sink in a Brazilian apartment by Paris AR.

White Tiled Bath Steel Sink Base/Remodelista

Above: A tiled powder room with glass shelves in the Byronview Cottage in Australia.

Steven Harris Powder Room Kinderhook Retreat/Remodelista

Above: A tiny powder room with a view in Steven Harris's Kinderhook Retreat.

Jessica Helgerson Powder Room/Remodelista

Above: Portland, OR-based designer Jessica Helgerson created a tiny powder room in her island home; to see the whole project, go to A Scandinavian Cottage—in Portlandia.

A2BC White Bath/Remodelista

Above: A clever washbasin with paper towel roll holder via A2BC Architects.

Lilltoan Bath/Remodelista

Above: A tiny half bath in a Scandinavian house; see more at Swedish Guest Bathroom Under the Stairs.

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