Zani & Zani Cookware Set

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Product: Zani & Zani Cookware Set
Retailer: Dep Design Store
Designer: Enzo Mari
brand: Zani & Zani

This stunning set of cookware by Zani & Zani was designed by Enzo Mari, who believes that mass-produced objects should always be beautiful to both the eye and the touch, while being functional and well made. He clearly succeeded with this body of work.

The set can be ordered in polished or brushed stainless steel or with a black non-stick coating.

  • Brand: Zani & Zani
  • Designer: Enzo Mari
  • Made in: Italy
  • Materials: Non-stick surface, stainless steel polished or brushed
  • Size: Various sizes
Cookware set consisting of 11 pieces:
  • 4 covers: í˜ 16, 20, 24, 29 cm
  • 2 stock pots:  í˜  20, 24 cm
  • 3 casseroles: í˜ 16, 20, 24 cm
  • 2 low pots: í˜ 24, 29 cm