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After nearly three years of work our first book came out in November of 2012! And we couldn’t be more crazytown excited (okay, and a smidge exhausted). It’s over 300 pages filled with tons of ideas, projects, and step-by-step tutorials for showing your home some love (in the same don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously DIY spirit of this blog). There are big picture decorating ideas all the way down to small sprucing projects and quick fixes – all written with the same dorked out, budget-friendly, and ceramic-animal-lovin’ approach that you’re used to from us.

*Update #1: Holy cow. Within two weeks of coming out our book was named a New York Times Bestseller, a Barnes & Noble Book of the Year, and an Amazon Book Of The Year. We’re hugely shocked/thrilled/humbled that people are enjoying our book!

**Update #2: Woot! In the first month of being out we’re ecstatic that our book raised over $1,200 for charity (both for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital and a local charity in Richmond for kids).

Sherry and John here. We’re DIY-enthusiasts, accidental authors & product designers, and parents to two kids and one moody chihuahua. Here’s our little corner of the internet where we chat about transforming our house, living in it, and all the random stuff in between.