XL Ash Bowl

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Product: XL Ash Bowl
Retailer: Head & Haft
brand: Head & Haft
  • í˜ 450 x 50

This huge Ash bowl is a truly elegant piece. Turned from a slab cut in cornwall by a tree surgeon, deeming it too good to be cut for firewood, the shallow, and graceful form is gentle and impressive. The Grain of the Ash is very pale and we turned a very wide rim to highlight a beautiful area of ripple within the timbers grain. Although stunning as a table centrepiece, coffee table adornment or ornament, we also had function in mind. A dinner party showstopper, this bowl would be brilliant for breads, cheeses, entrée’s or tortillas, and is sure to start many a conversation.

All bowls are hand turned by head&Haft. Almost always being made from wood from storm damaged trees, off cut, waste or salvaged sources. Bowls are total one off’s, and the form is dictated by the ethos of getting the best from the piece of timber. Wood is rough turned green ( still wet ) before being seasoned. This is different for each bowl, and can be anywhere from 1 month to 2 years. The bowl is then re-mounted on the lathe, and finish turned, receiving a perfect smooth finish.

All bowls are finished with Head&Haft’s self made specific bowl finish. A mixture of food grade mineral oil, and 100% natural beeswax provides protection for the timber, as well as enhancing the appearance of the grain, whilst being 100% food safe.

Each bowl comes packaged in recycled material, and includes a business card, in case you wish to contacts us directly, as well as a care leaflet, giving all the information needed to make this a heirloom product.

Please get in contact is you have any questions or queries about the item, and I will get back too you usually within the day.