Woven Willow Hurdle

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Product: Woven Willow Hurdle
Retailer: Primrose

Woven from natural willow, these good looking hurdles are 1m (3ft 3″) long and come in packs of two (6ft 6″ or 2m per pack). Height 8 inches above the ground. Come with willow posts allowing you simply to push into soft ground.

Order 1, you get 2 pieces, total 6ft 6″, order 2 and you get 13ft 2″ etc.

Edging eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming and reduces weed transfer. All of our edging is quick and easy to install.

Product Specification:
Supplied in a pack of two, Length 1m (3ft 3″), H 20cm (8”). Total per pack 6ft 6″ or 2m.