Wool X-Grande Floor Pillow ‘Palomita Hot Pink MIx’

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Product: Wool X-Grande Floor Pillow ‘Palomita Hot Pink MIx’
Retailer: Mexchic
brand: Mexchic

Our Hand woven wool bouclé x-grande floor pillows, are hand-woven in Mexico with 100% virgin earth friendly wool in a chunky, plush style. The artisan who weaves them, cleans, spins and dyes his own wool and therefore he is able to attain this interesting and beautiful one-of-a-kind hand made texture.

These pillows are very earth friendly since the wool is hand processed and making them uses no electricity. The wool is spun on an ancient spinning wheel and the giant loom used to create these works of art is also human powered.

  • Size: 29 x 29 inches with a 3 in fringe all around. The rise of the floor is about 11 inches tall
  • Care: Dry Clean Only