Wool Tapestry Rug

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Product: Wool Tapestry Rug
Designer: Lagos Del Mundo
Retailer: Merchant No. 4

New from Lagos del Mundo, these handmade wool rugs are inspired by the ancient textile tradition of the Bernal Village in the state of Queretaro, Mexico, where wool has been used since ancient times for rug weaving. Made on traditional looms, they are handmade and that is why their appearance can differ from product to product. The whiteness of the wool yarns can also differ depending on the time of the year the sheep are sheared.  Available in 2 sizes: Large (67″ x 96″ – $530) and Small (27″ x 51″ – $160).

  • Designer : Lagos del Mundo
  • Material : 100% lambs wool
  • Dimensions : Large: 67″ x 96″, Small: 27″ x 51″