Woody Shelving System

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Product: Woody Shelving System
Retailer: A R
brand: Hay Denmark

Hay Denmark has nothing to hide with its Woody Shelf Unit: Simply soap-treated oak sticks, powder-coated steel and screws. But this is design at its best in terms of perfecting joint strength and form and providing an extremely stable structure. And don’t be fooled by the lightness of it all: Oak is strong and ages beautifully. A free-standing piece that works against a wall or as a room divider, it operates on the M.O. that no shelf system should be too visually dominant in a room. The shelves lie freely on the wooden frame and each of the three color combination’s underscores the simple proportions of the shelving system: Two sizes (Hi and Lo) are available.

Material: Soap-treated oak, Powder-coated steel

Prices range from $896.00 to $1680.00