Wood Mitt

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Product: Wood Mitt

The Teflon-Coated Linen Mitt (2010) are made by a Belgian weaver that’s been producing linen since 1858. In 2006, the company was officially granted the title of Belgian Royal Warrant Holder, a privilege that is conferred by His Majesty the King as a sign of trust. This honor not only attests to the quality of services rendered and products supplied (nice linen), but also serves as a commitment to service, as the Warrant Holder must continue to strive to enhance performance in every field in which the company operates. Made of high-quality Teflon-coated Belgian linen, the Mitt is fully lined and wrapped in leather and Teflon-coated linen to keep your hand and forearm protected when carrying firewood or tending a fire.

Materials: Teflon-coated 100% Belgian Eco-Linen; top-grain leather; 100% polyester lining.

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