Wine And Beer Tea Towels

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Product: Wine And Beer Tea Towels
Designer: Sara Selepouchin
Retailer: Uncommon Goods

Trained as an architect with years of mechanical drawing experience under her belt, Sara Selepouchin's technical training and her attraction to everyday objects comes together in the form of charming annotated screen-printed sketches that make ordinary tea towels endlessly entertaining. Like a vintage instructional manual, Sara dissects objects with captivating attention to detail, creating detailed diagrams that are artfully executed and fantastically fun.

Sara depicts two popular tipples, beer and wine, by identifying the objects they're often paired with. Used to pop the cork off most vino, this corkscrew is broken down into illustrated parts, with the many mechanisms that join forces to complete this simple task highlighted.

Beer is represented by the many glasses that cradle its diverse fizzy contents, from the plain-clothes pint, to the dimpled mug, to the chalice-shaped goblet, to the squat snifter for capturing hearty brews. The corkscrew and glasses are examined with perky, lowercase print and attention-grabbing arrows identifying components and even describing their functions. Fit for display and for practical use, these lint-free, floursack cotton tea towels bring imagination to your dish drying hands. Made in the USA.

  • Item ID: 21550
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • 28″ L x 25″ W
  • Machine washable, tumble dry.