Willow Scoib Baskets

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Product: Willow Scoib Baskets

The Irish Scoib is one of the very few truly traditionally Irish baskets. Born out of limited resources and a need for multifunctionality, the Scoib was used to strain and serve potatoes, once the mainstay of the Irish diet. Once all had been eaten the basket was hit against the outside wall and the hens or pigs got the “leavings”. It was then washed and hung on a wooden peg.

Kathleen began making baskets in 1999 when she took her first few days away from milking cows twice a day, 365 days a year. She went to Joe Hogan in Galway and that was the beginning of a life-changing journey, which is continuing to this day. She grows her own willow on her farm on the banks of the River Boyne on the Meath/Kildare border.

Prices range from $64.68 to $237.60