We do wood – Scoreboard Wardrobe

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Product: We do wood – Scoreboard Wardrobe
Retailer: Connox
Color: Natural
brand: We Do Wood

The We do wood Scoreboard is a graphically appealing wardrobe with a lot of possibilities for individual decorations.

The Scoreboard by We do wood interacts by uncountable possibilities with the user ant it offers enough liberty for individuality. The bamboo board with black edges is delivered including twelve pins: The white, pink, dark red, green, light blue and dark blue sticks in different lengths ensure that no We do wood Scoreboard wardrobe looks like another. The pins are for example usable to tag hangers for every family member or to tag single clothing pieces.

We do wood concentrates on sustainability: The Danish company manufactures the Scoreboard out of bamboo, since the natural material is resistant and stable and furthermore re-growing and it absorbs more CO2 than Nordic woods.

  • Material     bamboo
  • Color     Bamboo natural
  • Dimensions     Height: 100 cm, Length: 18 cm
  • Item no.     122864