Wax Paper Book Cover

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Product: Wax Paper Book Cover
Retailer: Rakuten

Wax Paper Book Cover/ gray (three pieces case )

  • Book jackets
  • B0077-0029

Adjustable size, the wax paper book jacket that the wrinkle assigned to becomes smart (waxing paper) which is usable in both a library and a new book.

The dust jacket made of wax papers (waxing paper). Of an aim there is the embossing of the bar in the whole paper, and to break it and the dust jacket accentuate. As for enjoying it like the book different of the atmosphere if I combine it with all five colors of one of “the wax paper dust jacket” because the cover of the book is transparent at the time of the installation slightly. Because they are inaccessible, in a property of the paper, the some water and dirts serve as the duty as the dust jacket well.

[fold, wrinkle] it is with a white line, and a fold and the wrinkle which stuck to a wax paper stay. Please enjoy “the wax paper series” as “taste” like the embezzlement of leather products. While I recycle one piece of dust jacket at a new book, a paperback, a book, a library, it is possible for how many lines of the fold to the book. It becomes the memory of the book which I read by oneself, and the done line changes to a dust jacket design only for oneself. I recycle it and should use it up!